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The Next Best Thing

Lombok is the next best thing : it’s still “pure”, with astonishing nature, pristine beaches, beautiful tiny islands, world-famous surf waves, rich local culture, gorgeous food, and so much more.

In 2016 Indonesian President Jokowi pointed the south of Lombok as one of the “10 new Bali”, as the Government is planning to reduce the huge pressure on Bali by moving the focus on other beautiful locations, turning them into special economic zones, backed up by strong Government investments. The development of the 1.000 hectares Mandalika project in the south of Lombok is one of them. Furthermore early 2019 the Government secured a deal with Dorna’s Sports for MotoGP, hosting a world class motor racing event in the south of the island, again putting Lombok firmly on the worldwide map.

All of this has turned Lombok into a very interesting location to invest. Land prices are still fairly low, and acquiring land is still affordable for many – mainly foreign – investors. To build houses, hotels, resorts, restaurants, … and start their business.

Construction in Indonesia is not more complicated than anywhere else. The country offers a rich variety of local building materials, like high quality wood and beautiful stones. And there are many architects and contractors, delivering a high-quality service.

However, for many foreign investors supervising directly a construction project can be overwhelming and feel tricky, as they are most of the time far away from their project and this is where Synergy Lombok comes into the picture.

The Bridge

Would you like to keep a close eye on your project developments? Are you focused on following up your project intensely? Be informed on each phase of your construction? But you can’t, because maybe you’re not living in Lombok, you have your job and your life in your own country, and you don’t have the chance to visit your project often enough? Would you like to have an independent party who can follow up your project and look after your interests?

That’s exactly what Synergy Lombok can do for you.

Our Customer Services include :

Before your construction works have started :

Assist in all preparation, starting from zero

Provide local contacts for construction : contractors / architects / ...

Provide local contacts for all other matters : legal advisor / notary / accountant / ...

Assist in all other questions & answers : business plan / publicity / ...

After your construction works have started :

Site visits on a regular basis in order to follow up the progress of the construction

Keep a close eye on the overall quality

Detailed reports and pictures of the developments

Follow up the time schedule

Keep contact with the contractor(s), through regular communication and attending the key construction meetings

Keep direct contact with the architect and assure the right intermediation between architect and contractors

Assist you in questions and answers

And much more support you might need

In other words : Synergy Lombok acts as “the bridge” between the client and the builder and all other parties involved in the construction project. Preferably in the south of Lombok, as this is where we are located.

Your Peace of Mind

As an investor you can use Synergy Lombok’s services, capability and network. With us you will have eyes and ears on site. You will be able to follow up your project as if you were here. Your far from home project will not keep you awake at night as each question, each doubt you might have will get an answer.

Extra Services

Also if you are a contractor, an architect, a developer or an agent you can offer our services to your relations as an extra service. Synergy Lombok can take care of all forms of communication between you and your client. And as a professional you know communication is the most important item in the course of a construction project. We will help you to run the project in the smoothest possible way and provide your client with the vital peace of mind.

Synergy Lombok can take care of this communication in Indonesian, English, French, Dutch and Italian.


Synergy Lombok will link all separate parts together, allowing you to get more than the simple sum of them. We will prevent you from unnecessary headaches, allow you to realize your project with confidence, and actually save money by simply having someone on the spot.

Do you want to know how Synergy Lombok can do this for you? Please fill in the contact form, and we will come back to you shortly.


Do you want to know about our happy customers? These are some people who relied on Synergy Customer Services

We asked Stef's support when we were dealing with the first phase of our project in Kuta, Lombok while we were in Europe. He has been always very helpful and professional during our work cooperation. Thanks to his many contacts and expertise he was able to provide us different options and many helpful insights. We highly recommend him to anybody who is looking for a trustable and professional person.

Lorenzo & Marta (Italy/Spain)

We experienced our cooperation with Stef / Synergy Customer Services as most pleasant. Stef works adequately and purposefully. He provided us with numerous advises and always replied immediately to all of our questions. It gave us a very nice feeling to have Stef as our eyes and ears in Kuta, to sort out all our matters, while we are living in the Netherlands. Thanks for all your assistance, Stef!

Krishna & Janneke (the Netherlands)

Stef Wouters came involved in our Luxury Villa built in Lombok part way through the project and it was thanks to Stef that we got clear communication and structured way of working, something everyone needs when they are remotely building in an overseas country. Stef's project management skills were invaluable to us throughout the completion of our build and I would highly recommend him to anyone doing work of any size, certainly in our next project we will be using Stef again

Mike & Wendy (UK) - Villa Atas Pelangi